Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Penguin Coffee Shop

You may have driven by Dr. Beauchamp Western Dental, where Lincoln Blvd. intersects the 10 Freeway, and wondered why there is a penguin on the sign for a dentistry office. Located at 1670 Lincoln Blvd. in Santa Monica, the Penguin coffee shop was designed by the architectural firm of Armet Davis Newlove, notable for defining distinctive googie style coffee shops and diners that popped up around Southern California in the 1950s. Unique characteristics of this building style incorporated high, vaulted ceilings, dining counters that were room-length and typically oversized signage. The photographs show an interior and exterior view of the Penguin when it opened in 1959.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Field first-aid kit designed and patented by Douglas Aircraft Co., Inc. nurse

On May 18, 1942, Nurse Clemetine F. Campiglia with Douglas Aircraft Company, Incorporated, filed for a patent on a first-aid kit that could be used in the field by medical personnel during World War II. It was called "First Aid Kit" and given patent number 2,324,194 by the United States Patent Office on July 13, 1943. Nurse Campiglia assigned her rights to the invention to Douglas in Santa Monica, California, where she worked during the war. The intent of the design was to improve mobility and easier access to injured persons with this body-attached first-aid kit for medical personnel in combat situations. The arrangement of pockets was to facilitate easy-access to supplies needed to provide care.