Thursday, February 5, 2015

Melvin Lewis - First African-American President of ASB at Samohi

A junior classman at Santa Monica High School in 1948, Melvin (Bobo) Lewis was the distinguished President of the Summer Associated Student Body Executive Board at Santa Monica High School. According to the 1948 Nautilus the cabinet was faced with serious decisions about student funds. The question: should student funds be centralized through ASB or managed separately by each school club and organization?

Melvin a highly talented member of the Samohi Vikings football team, known as "Bruisin' Bobo, a touchdown phenon, led the ASB to manage the highest football budget in the history of the school - $4,000

1948 Nautilus

Notably, during the same year in high school, Melvin was a member of the exclusive Key Club. Members were carefully selected by students and faculty to speak for the school as press agents and public relations representatives. This service organization was sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Santa Monica and the football coach, Jim Sutherland who was the faculty advisor.

Melvin Lewis went on to teach at Hamilton High School.

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