Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lots for Sale!

This notice appeared in the The Outlook on March 29, 1876, offering lots for sale in Santa Monica.

The photograph appeared in the special centennial edition of the Evening Outlook, May 17, 1975. The caption reads: "EAGER TO BUY -A crowd has already gathered in the background as these bidders arrive in their horse-drawn buggy for the first auction of lots in Santa Monica. Wooden stage in rear was occupied by auctioneer Alfred W. Noyes, who took bids ranging from less than $100 to around $500 on choice homesites"(187?). The first real estate boom happened in March of 1887, when an auction sold $42,000 worth of lots between Ocean Avenue and 20th Street, according to Charles S. Warren, editor of the Santa Monica Evening Outlook, in his book History of the Santa Monica Bay Region (1934).